Valley Line LRT

The Valley Line (Southeast to West) LRT is a 27-kilometre low-floor, urban line that will run from Mill Woods to Lewis Farms, crossing through our neighbourhood.

It is scheduled to open by the end of 2020.

The Valley Line will be built in multiple stages, with construction of the 13-kilometre southeast portion now underway.

Construction and traffic disruption updates are available from the city’s P3 partner, TransEd Partners.

Here’s a look at 2016 LRT construction activities.

Representing our community

Strathearn Community League has 2 representatives on one of the Valley Line LRT citizen working groups. The goals of this city group are to

  • Build and maintain relationships and trust
  • Promote and support community engagement opportunities
  • Facilitate information-sharing and dialogue
  • Support the identification of issues, opportunities and concerns
  • Seek opportunities to minimize and mitigate impacts related to detailed design and construction