What a new hall will mean


With a new hall, we’ll be able to expand our community programming. Here are some of the types of activities we’ll be able to host in our new hall.

Skate facilities 

  • Family skate night
  • Player benches
  • Skate change

Green Shack 

  • Support space

Community events

  • Movie night
  • Community potluck
  • Hayrides and hot chocolate
  • Jane’s Walk
  • Craft sales

Meeting venue 

  • Board meetings
  • Office space

Music events

  • Folk Fest
  • Front Porch Music Series
  • Dance parties

Community rentals (2 spaces) 

  • Parent & tot
  • Yoga/fitness
  • Scouts/ Girl Guides
  • Bridge night/knitting/scrapbooking
  • Drop-in catered functions
  • Birthdays, family reunions
  • Book clubs
  • Polling rentals
  • Art classes
  • Wine and cheese