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South View Rendering

Dear Community Member,

In early May 2017, the Strathearn Building Society announced that an anonymous community member had issued a challenge to fellow neighbours to help boost the fundraising initiative for our new hall.  He had committed to match all donations over $500 received in the month of May and June to a total of $10,000.

Strathearn, we knew you liked a good challenge!

A total of 16 people stepped up and donated $14,693 to match our generous community member’s contribution which means that we added an additional $24,693 to our new hall fun in 2 months alone.

That’s worth celebrating! Unfortunately, we are not done yet.  We are still in need of funds to complete the hall and furnish it!

We are privileged to live in the beautiful community of Strathearn. We are able to enjoy spectacular views of the city, safe areas for our children and pets to play, and a strong community spirit.

The current Strathearn Community Hall was built in the 1960s and has served our community well for many years. Thousands of pulled pork sandwiches have been eaten during the years of community skates, barbecues, green shack programs, and new years’ hayrides.

The time has come to build a new hall that will meet the growing needs of our community for many years to come. As a valued member of the Strathearn community, you can help us realize this dream.

Dedicated community volunteers have been working on this project for more than five years and we are now in the final stages. We are ready to start building.

Strathearn has $950,000 already committed to the project, and with your support, we will reach our target. We need to raise $40,000 more over the next few months.

All donations are charitable and those over $500 will be recognized in a unique sculpture, designed and built by a local artist. Most importantly, you’ll have a hall that you can enjoy and be proud of for years to come.

Please donate to this important cause in your community. >> Read our entire fundraising package (pdf)

Cheques can be made to the Strathearn Building Society and can be mailed to

Strathearn Community League
P.O. Box 68064
162 Bonnie Doon Mall
Edmonton, AB T6C 4N6

Or contact to arrange to drop off a donation.

Thank you!

Yasir Syed, President, Strathearn Community League
& the Strathearn Building Society and entire Strathearn Community League Board