New Community Hall

South View

The new Strathearn Community Hall is a building we’ll all be able to be proud of. The hall was designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs and vision of our community. It will be a place to meet with your neighbours, enjoy activities or just admire as you walk by.

Construction will start in spring 2017 and will be finished in December.

Hall Construction Update

Construction on the new hall is making a visible difference in Silver Heights Park!  Notably absent earlier this summer, the spray park is working again thanks to installation of a solar panel by the City of Edmonton. Finally our hot children can be cooled off again.  Since the spray park started up again, it has been full!

The spray park had been powered from the old hall’s electrical service.  When the hall came down, the power to the spray park also stopped.  The City’s team worked quickly to engineer and install a solar powered system and get the spray park back in service.

The hall foundation and underground utility work is well underway. Taking advantage of good weather, Southwark’s crew and subtrades have even been working on weekends! The concrete foundation is complete, and the under-floor plumbing and drainage lines are being installed. The first steps to install the masonry block making up part of the exterior are also taking place: This block, larger than normal brick, has a dark grey terrazzo-like appearance, and will be attached to the building supported on a galvanized steel framework.

In August, you should see walls framed and covered, and roof trusses installed, giving the hall it’s shape before exterior finishes are installed.

Be sure to take a walk through the park and check out the progress.  And give the Southwark crew a thumbs up or a shout out!

We Raised the Roof!

The Hall is coming on leaps and bounds!  As you can see from the photos, the roof is on and it’s really starting to take shape.  The large windows of the main room can be seen and the double high ceiling will create a warm, welcoming atmosphere inside.

Some of you will have noticed the siding going on most recently, which will seal the building walls.  Next will be the windows then the new metal roof.  Once watertight we will be able to start on the interiors and make it feel more like our own.

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