Strathearn Community League AGM report

AGM ReportCommunity League annual general meetings are not the most scintillating affairs as evidenced by their often-lackluster turnout. However, this year Strathearn put on a show at their June AGM which literally cannot be repeated. The sixty-year-old rink shack at Silver Heights Park was demolished in advance of summer construction of the new Strathearn Community League hall. The crowd of forty or so neighbours cheered as the backhoe ripped through old siding and two by fours.

Outgoing president Jenny McAlister was sure to remind those in attendance that while a new building creates new opportunities, “The community spirit of those who built and maintained the former building will be transferred to the new hall.”

Equally as exciting was the election of four new members to the Strathearn Community League board. Chris Samuel joined the board as social director and Neils Rasmussen and Andrew Reid will share duties as co-communications directors. Our newest member-at-large is long-time Strathearn resident Nadine Meikle. Despite a full complement of directors, the Strathearn Community League board is still looking for two members-at-large. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.