New Hall is Taking Shape!

The walls and roof are going up… Now that the walls of the new hall have been erected, it is getting easier to see exactly what the new hall will look like once complete.

The hall’s exterior skin will be the next piece to be installed – The masonry, made of compressed and kiln-fired aggregate in a dark grey colour. This product is durable and water resistant, and its smooth burnished finish will give the hall a refined look while protecting against damage.

The northwest faces of the hall are covered in cement fibre siding, commonly used on both houses and commercial buildings. Giving the appearance of traditional wood lap siding, cement fibre is rot resistant and also will not burn. The appearance of siding was selected in order to blend the hall with the surrounding residences.

The hall’s metal roof will be installed soon! Metal was selected as the roof finish for its long service life, its resistance to fire and wind, and its durability specifically underneath many of the large overhanging trees in Silver Heights Park. The same metal finish then wraps down the face of the building, to the top of the masonry finish.

Once our outside is well underway, the interior doors and frames will be installed, with one notable exception: The washrooms! Instead of doors on our public washrooms, the building committee planned for a U shaped washroom entrance, making access to the washrooms easier for everyone, including children and those with reduced mobility. This door free entrance is similar to washrooms in larger facilities, including the airport, the Shaw conference centre, and Northlands.

It is taking shape and turning into a beautiful building but don’t let this progress fool you, we are still actively fundraising to reach our target and be able to fully complete the new hall and furnish it. Watch your mailboxes in the coming month for a donation card. Please consider joining with us in financially supporting the new community hall.