Neighbourhood Renewal

Neighbourhood renewal is underway in Bonnie Doon.

Neighbourhood renewal is underway in Bonnie Doon (pictured above).

Neighbourhood renewal comes to Strathearn

Strathearn is about to undergo a makeover the likes of which it has never seen before.

Within a few years, there will be an LRT line running through our community, the Strathearn Heights apartment complex will have been transformed, bringing with it higher density and accompanying retail outlets, and our aging streets and sidewalks will have been replaced with new curbs, gutters and asphalt.

The sidewalk and street repairs north of 95 Avenue will be done in 2017, while those south of 95 Avenue will be done in 2018.

As part of the Neighbourhood Renewal program, streetlights will also be replaced with LED lights and new lampposts.

Based on a community survey conducted in March of 2016, there was overwhelming support (74%) for pursuing an upgraded decorative pole option.

As a result, the community league has made an Expression of Interest to the city to upgrade from the standardized galvanized pole to a black, fluted pole with a Newport decorative arm and decorative street blades for signage.

The cost to property owners will be approximately $3 per month over the next 15 years, or there is an option for a 1-time payment. This levy will begin the year following sidewalk construction.

The next step in the process involves you.

At the beginning of September, the City of Edmonton sent information packages to all property owners. Please support this initiative and return the signed form to show your support for this upgrade. 

Return your form, indicating whether you support the request for decorative streetlights to 

  • 9303 87 St. 
  • Juniper Cafe and Bistro
  • The Wired Cup
  • Scan it and email it to James Kosowan

We will need a majority of property owners to sign the petition in order for this upgrade to proceed!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call James Kosowan at 780.466.7779.

The city has put together a report summarizing the comments they received following the Strathearn Neighbourhood Renewal Open House on March 15. >> Read the updated report here (pdf)