Life Between the Corridors: A Strathearn Community Jane’s Walk – May 6

Strathearn community Jane’s Walk takes place Saturday May 6, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and departs from Silver Heights Park. On this walk, led by Dr. John Wood and Dr. Michael Ferber of The King’s University, we will explore one of Edmonton’s classic middle-aged neighbourhoods. Topics on the walk will cover a broad spectrum but will focus on mammalian habitations (especially humans and rabbits) between the scenic Edmonton River Valley (a wildlife and recreation corridor) and the transportation corridors of Connors Road and the newest LRT route on 85 Street and 95 Avenue. As we stroll, we’ll peek into the cultural, religious, environmental and architectural past, exploring the geography of Strathearn’s changing landscapes. Join us to add your voices to the conversation. janes walk

Jane’s Walks take place around the world the first weekend in May. Jane’s Walk is a movement of free, citizen-led walking tours inspired by urbanist and activist Jane Jacobs, who advocated a community-based approach to city building. These walking conversations get people to tell stories about their communities and connect with their neighbours.